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Process improvements won’t be maintained unless they are tracked and opportunities to further improve your business may be missed unless your process is always being analysed in detail.

Continuous assessment offers the ability to carry out the Systematic Opportunity Indentification on an ongoing basis, at the cost of a small fraction of your annual energy spend.

This enables the following to occur;

  • Monitoring the adherence to operational procedures. This is far more powerful than an advanced metering system. The system can check whether procedures are being followed and if not, when, for how long and what was the impact.
  • Our experienced specialist energy efficiency engineers to monitor the analysis results and provide reports.
  • We can detect a process losing efficiency over time and can often pinpoint why.
  • Tracking and quantifying the impact of improvements made on productivity, uptime and energy.
  • Maintaining improvements made to the process via very specific monitoring of the performance of the process, equipment and people.
  • Providing measurement and verification of changes.
  • Identification of new opportunities as they arise, resulting from, changes in feedstock, reagents, volumes and equipment wear or failure. The analysis is capable of discriminating many of the causes of change.
  • Developing long term objective process intelligence; quantifying the parameters that and conditions that lead to optimal plant performance.

Naturally the above requires sufficient instrumentation; but that said, we are expert in inferring parameters and have methods of analysis to quantify many parameters that are un-measured or difficult to determine.

A strong business case can be made by the energy savings of this service, with other elements such as productivity, providing a possible upside bonus.



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