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Over 12 years, Balance Energy has developed a process to systematically identify and quantify high value energy saving opportunities sites, typically identifying site savings of 5 – 15% with annual energy savings/BE fees ratios of 20 to 60:1.

The savings included above are practical with short payback periods and a significant proportion of the opportunities require no or low capital investment.

The energy and productivity improvements that we detect are often unintuitive. The analysis applies objective values that enable us to accurately identify and quantify the cost of specific issues, even where these have proven difficult to quantify previously.

Our analysis process has been applied to improving the productivity of;

  • Ore concentrators (including communion circuits)
  • Power generation, (gas turbines, steam turbines, gas engines, diesel, condensing & non condensing turbines)
  • Mining haul trucks
  • Boilers & complex steam systems
  • Heavy rail
  • Complex compression systems
  • Pyro-metallurgical processes
  • Process plant
  • Drying and roasting processes
  • Large ovens
  • Pulp and paper production
  • Oil and gas processing
  • Manufacturing processes

The intent of this approach is to ensure no significant options are missed and available options are accurately quantified.

Often energy is only a component of the realised value.

Our analysis results in defined, measureable and executable project opportunities that frequently provide co-benefits including;

  • Increasing production volumes
  • De-bottlenecking options
  • Improving uptime
  • Resolving previously uncertain aspects of processes

Accurate opportunity identification is reliant on sufficient instrumentation. Where energy monitoring instrumentation is absent, Balance Energy is expert in inferring parameters for the purpose of modelling opportunities. Our methods of analysis allow us to quantify many parameters that are un-measured or difficult to determine.

Our analysis assesses a process over time and is takes account of the interaction between the different processes across an entire site. The complex interactions between processes are displayed graphically in a format that assists comprehension and reveals the dynamics of interactions between processes.

Undertaking this level of analysis, and implementing opportunities, provides financial value that greatly outweighs the cost. Please contact us to discuss the presentation of a robust business case and the delivery of realised value to your site.



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