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Balance Energy is an engineering company specialised in reducing costs in energy intensive processes. We identify and implement opportunities to reduce operating costs via energy efficiency, process control and alternate energy sources (both traditional and renewable).

Key Benefits of working with Balance Energy;

  • Privately owned company with a stable staff of passionate professionals.
  • We work directly with sites to rapidly deliver significant value, on a sustainable basis.
  • We deliver significant value: typical site savings 5 – 15%, and higher, with annual energy savings/BE fee ratios of 20 to 60:1.
  • We make energy easy for our clients by cutting through complexity, assessing all the options and simplifying project execution.
  • Through our experience implementing a broad range of measures, our team knows what works, how much projects will cost and how much will be saved.
  • Broad and in-depth experience across many industries and technologies.
  • Deep knowledge of the latest practical and commercialised energy related technology.
  • Supplier and solution independent, with an objective lateral approach – demonstrated by numerous innovations.
  • A focus on significant cost reductions with energy forming only part of the business case for many of the changes we support.

Services Include;

  • Energy strategy; identifying, advising and technically supporting, efficiency, alternate energy sources and practical new technologies to ensure your business has the lowest energy cost.
  • Energy and efficiency implementation via EPC, EPCM or as owners’ engineer.
  • Thermal engineering, design and selection of steam systems, boilers and HRSGs.
  • Feasibility Analysis – from concept through to bankable studies.
  • Systematic energy and productivity opportunity identification and quantification that ensures:
    - no significant savings are missed
    - options are accurately quantified
    - a means to measure and maintain benefits is embedded.
  • Process monitoring for continuous optimisation support - ensuring savings are maintained and opportunities are identified as they arise.
  • Greenfield project energy strategy - project planning, advice and technical support to reduce energy costs across all project elements, maximising project competitiveness.


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